Aerobics is all about the pumping energy and strong will power. This entertaining and dynamic discipline needs supreme physical fitness that will be ensured for an aspiring teacher through this course. You will not only learn on how to teach aerobics but you will also be able to draw the best out of your students and maintain their energy levels. The emphasis is completely on imparting a mindset that facilitates and fitter body.

Course Curriculum

Crash Course: 1 month
Regular Course: 3 Month
Batch Duration: Weekend or Week days batches

Aerobics Syllabus

  1. Intro and History of Aerobics.
  2. Theory knowledge on body Parts
  3. Food and Nutrition
  4. Core Moves of Aerobic Style
  5. Queuing and Choreography about Aerobics class
  6. Do and Don’ts for Master Class
  7. Exam _ written, practical’s, viva, certification
    • Written
    • Practical’s
    • Viva
    • Certification Programme