Power Yoga Program

Power Yoga (Basic)

The Basic Power Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed for the beginner level Yoga enthusiasts who want to relay the knowledge at a very simple level. Every person has to start off with the first step and by getting certified in this course, you will be able to walk your students through the basics of Power Yoga. This level is a foundation on which greater disciplines can be practiced.

Course Curriculum

Duration:1.5 Month + 1 month Internship (12 sessions)
Batch timings: Batches are arranged as per weekdays and Weekends schedule.
Batch Duration:

  • 2 hours per day (Weekdays)
  • 8 days in a month
  • 3 hours per Day (Weekends)
  • 4 days in a month

Basic Power Yoga Syllabus (Level 1)

  1. Introduction
  2. What is yoga?
  3. What is Power Yoga?
  4. History of Yoga & Power Yoga
  5. Pranayamas
  6. 50 Power Yoga Asanas
  7. Core Power Yoga Series
  8. Do's and Don’ts for trainers
  9. Examination
    • Written
    • Practical’s
    • Viva
    • Certification Programme