Yoga Certificate Course

Teacher Training Course

The best way to convey gratitude is to serve!

Teaching is not a profession; it’s a way of life. And when Yoga is being taught, it comes out of unadulterated compassion and will to serve others! Yog Power Studio gives you the opportunity to become an excellent trainer right under the guidance of Yoga experts.

Our Teacher Training Course is designed to mould you into a fine yoga practitioner before you can get into the shoes of a trainer. We teach you the advanced echelons of Yoga so that you can master it like the back of your hand. Our emphasis during the course is not to make you powerful, but to make you so eligible that you can empower others! We just don’t teach you the techniques as they are; we go one step further and explain the science behind it so that you are clear in your teachings.

With tips, advice and practice, we instill the Yogic lifestyle that is not only beneficial for your well-being but also for your personality. A lot of theory is elaborated while practical exercises are followed. We ensure that you are well-versed with the principles and fundamentals of Yoga so that you are looked upon as an inspiration by your students.

We provide this course along with a valuable Teacher Training Certification for the disciplines of Power Yoga (Basic), Power Yoga (Advanced) and Aerobics. On receiving this certificate, you will be a certified Yoga trainer! You can choose your field of interest and start off practicing under our Teacher Training Course.