Weight Management

Weight Management

Having ideal weight is the first step towards perfect health. A person who is not in the range of ideal health according to age and height, he is unhealthy in scientific terms. Being underweight and overweight, both are signs of concern and proper weight management is required to restore and achieve perfect weight.

Sudden increase or decrease in weight is really bad for the body as it weakens the limbs and causes joint problems as well. Managing weight becomes easy with regular practice of Yoga. We provide a special discipline of asanas and breathing exercises for people who want to reduce or gain weight. Being overweight is a common people most people face and weight reduction becomes eminent with time.

At Yog Power Studio, simple asanas and a strict regime of diet and daily habits are advised so that weight is lost quickly and safely as well. We provide ideal diet and nutrition guidelines and plans that suit the body type of a person. Our approach in weight management is simply to get the results in a yogic manner rather than exerting the body and following low dirt plans. In our philosophy, right food is more important than no food.

Apart from the yoga and breathing exercise training, we provide a massive array of services and techniques that further assist in reducing weight in a short period of time. We believe in the simples to get the best, but if required, we provide services like ayurvedic massage that helps in toning down fat. This also helps in reducing stress due to weight.

Weight Management Techniques

  • Meditation
  • Power Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Panchakarma/Ayurvedic treatments


  • Increased energy level, vitality and mobility
  • Lower your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and body pains
  • Improved insomnia
  • Staying Heart Healthy
  • Improved blood sugar levels and prevention of developing Type 2 diabetes

Weight Management Programs

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