Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is used for treatment in many hospitals, physiotherapy centres, and workshops for trauma victims. It blends gentle yoga, restorative yoga, hands-on healing, breathing and meditation techniques. Because of its flexibility, Therapeutic yoga makes an excellent choice for the people who want something gentle yet effective to reduce stress and balance the body. The sessions include guided meditation for the absorption of cosmic energy available in the universe, deep stretching per the needs of the individuals and breathing which is also called as pranayama.

Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga

  • Therapeutic yoga is beneficial in treating a large variety of different physical as well as mental conditions.
  • Back, neck, and sciatica pains are improved through the gently poses of therapeutic yoga.
  • Headaches, menstrual pains, as well as conditions like asthma and sinusitis are addressed through practicing specific poses.
  • Even mental issues like mild depression, anxiety and stress can be combated with therapeutic yoga.
  • Children with special needs, like cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism, and mental impairments can also participates in therapeutic yoga.